Thursday, April 22, 2010

Are You Ready For The Rebound? Are You Willing To Be Part Of Creating The Rebound?

Well, I am. I know that whatever is going out there has nothing to do with what’s going on within my inner being or my business(s).

This past year – when things were “so bad” in the construction industry, I had one of the best jobs and clients that I’ve ever been blessed to experience.

I put at least 25 people to work and I feel damn good about that. I once read that the “most patriotic thing we can do right now is to put people to work”. I’ve done that and it is my intention to continue to do so.

I went to a building show in Washington D.C. in 2005 – business was booming in my industry – that was all about the experience we bring to the table of a remodel or building project. I learned so much about what I wasn’t bringing to the table and what was possible for my company if I made the decision to “up my game” as it were.

I know without a doubt that it is all about making a decision to stop listening to the insanity out there. The “no-faced” they that continue to tell us how bad it is and live in the attitude of “Ain’t it awful?”

In February of 2009 I made that decision. Now, it took some months to see the manifestation of that in the outer world of my business but it did show up.

It showed up in a big way and from 2008 to 2009 I was up 384%. Is that big enough for you? This, at a time when all around me were falling deeper into the abyss of joblessness.

I also know for sure that during what “they” call the good times, businesses fail right and left.

I must go back to what I learned in May of 2005 – bring an awesome experience to the table for the client and the company and it’s team-members will be rewarded with same.

That has been the case for Eye foe Detail and its clients, crew, vendors and personally as the owner.

We must be willing to be a part of the change so that the “out there” looks better. However, it all starts within the company and at an even deeper level within the owner or partnership.

Remodeling is a relationship not unlike any other. It must come from integrity and clear communication. It must be nurtured. Above all, honesty must be at the forefront with the intention of creating win/win for all concerned.

Reva Kussmaul
CEO – Eye For Detail Inc.

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