Saturday, July 3, 2010

When will we get over the wholesale mentality?

I realize that, for years, we’ve really wanted the free lunch, something for nothing and had the thinking “free, that’s the price tag I love!”

Is that really what we believe or is it that we must simply be more conscious of what we pay for things and, if we don’t need them, we don’t buy them?

I was talking to someone yesterday about PR for my businesses and, in discussing the remodeling business, the discussion came to money and the cost of remodeling. What I told her and know for sure is, until I got over wanting everything on the cheap, whether clothes, services, cars or the like, how was I ever going to earn enough to get a remodel done right, earn a profit for the company and pay me? It wasn’t going to happen.

As I continued to want to get “a deal” on everything, I drew to me homeowners who wanted to get the same thing from me. When I really started looking deep within myself as to my part in not earning enough to profit the company and pay myself, I realized that I definitely had a part in it because of my “pay me what I’m worth but I’m not willing to pay you what you’re worth” thinking.

The day I made a decision to “stop that!’ was the day I became free of worrying about whether or not someone wanted to afford me.

Notice I said wanted to afford me? That’s exactly what it is. It’s not a matter of “can they?” It’s “do they want the experience I bring to the table or not?”

I decided to no longer be “on sale”. Now, that didn’t happen overnight but I’ve held my ground and it is turning around. When you stand for something or a way of being treated for years it takes some time for the shift to happen. But….happen it does.

As we were talking, she absolutely got what I was saying, not only about remodeling but in the area of any kind of business transaction.

Now, there’s nothing wrong with garage sales, outlet shopping and using coupons, etc. However, there’s a place for everything and everything in its place. When it comes to services such as getting a website built, remodeling your kitchen or getting a good massage, I believe you get what you pay for.

What do you want to pay for? Do you want a contractor that shows up because they’re earning a living and can afford to come to work everyday or doe you want someone who’s spotty at best about their time and how they manage a project?

I encourage you to really think about this when it comes time to remodel your home and ask questions about the price from a place of authenticity - meaning “I just want to be conscious of what I’m paying for” rather than “You’re charging more than I want to pay so give it to me for less”.

We all must be conscious of what we pay for things and when as well as if we really can afford it or not. If you can’t afford something, don’t make the person who’s providing the work wrong for what they charge. Figure out if you really do want and need what you’re asking for and go about saving until you can get it at the price being asked.

For the most part, it’s probably a fair price. Remember everyone must earn a living unless they’re doing something as a hobby. I’m not remodeling or coaching as a hobby - I’m in business to profit the company and earn a living for myself.

Happy thinking!

Reva Kussmaul
CEO – Eye For Detail Inc.

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