Monday, January 3, 2011

Contractor - DIY

There are definitely two schools of thought. If you are going to act as your own GC you may think of it as a part-time gig or ask “how hard can it be”?

However, bottom line, “it comes with full-time expectations. Subs expect you to be on top of everything and have everything ready for them. It makes the difference in the job moving ahead smoothly and on time.” Thus quoted by homeowner Alan Koch of Portland, OR.

He’s absolutely right. Any of you who’ve acted as a GC/project manager on one of your own projects knows exactly of what he speaks.

I am the project manager on my jobs right now and have been in the past and it is definitely a full-time job. Not only because I’m working with the client but I’m also working with the subs and vendors.

I’ve often heard people say “well, I don’t think it’s worth the extra money to pay a contractor to manage the job when I can call all the subs myself and set things up.”

To that I say, really? Especially if you have a full-time job yourself. Also, where are you going to get the subs you use on the project? Have you worked with them before and are they trustworthy?

These are just some of the viable questions I would ask someone I’m coaching that wants to do it themselves.

Know it absolutely can be done by you but first, know your project, have a plan and be diligent about implementing that plan with clear, honest communication. Otherwise........who knows what nightmare you may be in for?!

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