Tuesday, December 28, 2010

What’s it really all about?

When you hear the stories of a remodel gone wrong and how bad the contractor is do you ever wonder if there’s another side to that story?

Well, there is. I’m not saying that homeowners are the “bad guys”, in fact, I’m saying there are really no “bad guys” at all. We must stop placing blame as it solves nothing.

I am simply saying there are two sides to every story and in between there is the truth. I coach both homeowners and contractors to look at remodeling as a relationship and bring to the table open, honest communication. This is where the solution lies (and begins).

Once you understand that communicating is key then the work of the remodeling project can begin. Get money and mess on the table early and when it comes up mid-job (as it will) it will not be as difficult to address because you’ve already laid the groundwork. Think solution-based rather than nightmare-based and you can create the remodel of your dreams.

I come from a place of remodeling on-purpose. This means: the client gets a complete job based on the contract they signed at the beginning of the project and has fully understood all changes and possible delays throughout the process (if there were any); the contractor walks away with a satisfied client, all monies due paid and referrals.

Doesn't this sound good? This is a win/win scenario. However, keep in mind, I'm not saying it won't be dirty, frustrating or have delays happen; I'm saying that if clear, open communication happens at the very beginning it can be a win/win.

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