Monday, February 14, 2011

7 Commandments to insure a Dynamic Remodeling Experience

Business is always booming somewhere, sometime, some how for someone, it might as well be you - Mark Victor Hansen
1. There is no glass ceiling on your life. The only ceiling is your own limitations.

Be willing to get yourself out of your own way and stop putting limits on your success and your company’s growth. I specifically gear my discussion to contractors; however, these ideas really apply to homeowners as well by giving them an insider view of the bidding from the advice I give contractors. It’s simply that I’ve been in the home improvement industry for over 25 years and know what an obstacle I’ve been to myself so from personal experience - I know of what I speak. Homeowners can be one of the biggest obstacles to a good experience as well.

2. Follow your heart and find your life’s purpose. Demonstrate kindness in all that you do; impatience has no rewards.

If remodeling isn’t your passion, find out what is and do that. I say this from a place of absolute knowing that if you do not love the business of home improvement you will not be able to authentically exercise the patience you need when the rubber meets the road. Not only must you have patience but you must be able to be kind when it comes to “standing up to” a client’s (sometimes) unreasonable demands. Purposeful Remodeling is the only way to achieve the rewards this industry can present to you.

3. Honesty is always the best policy if presented in a loving way. Seek first to understand; if you want to be heard, you must first actively listen.

This particularly applies when you are presenting a bid that you know is higher than the other bids your potential client has received. If you know the bid you’ve presented is exactly what it’s going to take to do the job well and bring an excellent experience to the table, you must be honest about that. You must also remember that listening to their concerns, especially around money, with an active ear is what will help you communicate truthfully about why your cost is what it is.

4. Remain a “target out-of-range.” Insults we hear are not about us – it’s about “them, their fears”.

If you are sitting before a potential client who talks about how bad contractors are or what a horrible experience they’ve had in the past, that is not about you. I would suggest, however, that you really “put your listening ears” on for this interview as you may decide in the long run that they are simply not the client for your company. That is absolutely OK because if you feel that way during the interview process pay attention to what is (most likely) a red flag.

5. Empower those around you to do great things. Set them up for success.

What I mean by this is, listen to the homeowner and ensure them you want this project to be a success as much as they do. Pay attention to their needs and hear what they might expect from you as the contractor. Make sure you discuss those needs and expectations so you set the entire job up for success. This definitely serves you in the long run because you are all about serving them first.

6. Develop a sense of gratitude - for your own good.

Bring a sense of gratitude to the bidding process; gratitude for being able to be of service. Let them know how much you look forward to working on their project (if you feel it’s a good fit). This lets them know you love what you do and aren’t only in it for the money. That happens you know?

7. Learn how to be joyful by doing things that bring you joy, and by being with people who bring you joy.

If you aren’t happy taking on this particular client (if they’ve chosen your company) you won’t be happy during the remodel. If it’s a long project is it really worth whatever the monetary pay-off might be? I will tell you from experience, it’s not. This is the type of project where nothing seems to go right and feels very chaotic; less than joyful if you will. This is NOT the way to come to work every day or get referrals because, trust me, if you feel less than joyful so does the homeowner.
Can’t wait to get started?  Enjoy a booming business and great remodeling experience in 2011 - you deserve it!

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