Saturday, February 26, 2011

Love What You Do and.....

I’m so loving what I do right now. As much as I know exactly what I’ve done or not done to contribute to my own economy, I also know that what’s going on or has gone on “out there” certainly has affected my business. Well, I’ve held strong and been patient, not always with grace, knowing that as I continued to know and believe that this all came to pass - it would (pass that is). It has.

At the perfect time I got the most amazing referral and the best client for a rather small job. That job has turned into a major remodel because the crew and myself went into the job with new eyes. We see it with much more gratitude and well, love, than we have in a very long time. I will also say, my crew has so "upped" their game. It's a pleasure to watch.

What I’ve discovered is, we do, indeed, get complacent. When things are rolling along as we think they “should” be we tend to not be as grateful everyday as we can be.

I will also say that it has been my being willing to look at life and my work-life with new eyes and a different attitude. What a difference it makes. Not only in the earning but in the joy of going to work everyday.

I’m so thrilled, not only to be earning myself, but to be living in the solution of what being self-employed means to me - putting others to work.

To know that I’ve contributed to my own increase in earning and put 12 - 15 people to work as well as suppliers and the city where I get my permits makes me know it’s all been worth it.

There’s a bigger story here as with all of us but for now I’ll simply say, keep on keeping on, hang in there and know that better is around the corner if you practice gratitude for life and trust that whatever it is that doesn't always look so good came to pass. Pass to what is up to you. It can be more of the same of way better than you could have imagined. My choice, door #2!

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