Monday, November 8, 2010

“I always check out a contractor’s license and won’t work with someone who doesn’t have one...

....because I’ve had problems with contractors before!”

When I got a call from someone who told me this, she was calling me for a bid not a coaching session, however, I still address these kinds of comments from a coaching mind.

I simply told her that I not only coach homeowners but contractors and I tell both parties to check out the other party thoroughly and “listen to their gut”.

I told her that a problem “with a contractor” isn’t ever one-sided. I said I’ve heard plenty of stories about “not so wonderful” clients. I’ve also experienced them (that’s another article, however).

She actually paused and said “I guess so, I’ve never thought of that as a possibility”.

So, you see, a remodel coach is still a genre that’s much needed. It appears many homeowners still view a remodel as a one-sided relationship and that’s the myth I’m open to change.

It’s far more than one-sided. It’s a conversation between ALL parties.

What I talk about in the chapter on Listening in Remodel 411 is: listening is the most important aspect of communication. Remember, we have two ears and one mouth for a reason!

If you or anyone you know isn’t sure about how the communication needs to go to create a successful remodel please call or “pass me on” to someone you know who may be thinking about a remodeling project. A great remodeling relationship will create a wonderful experience for all concerned.

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