Thursday, November 18, 2010

Seven Tips for Hiring a Contractor

Tip #2

Did the contractor arrive at the scheduled time?

Did you show up on time? I've had homeowners who did not show up for appointments. The contractor’s time is also valuable. If you set a time - be there. Give what you wish to get in return.

If the contractor did not show up on time, did he call to let you know he would be late? I scheduled a tree trimmer to come out to my home to give me a bid. I spoke to his wife and set the date and time. On Wednesday, the day of the appointment (4:30), the contactor called at 3:45 and said they were just finishing up a job and could they come around 6:00. No problem. They came at about 5:50. That is what I mean when I ask, “did they call to let you know they’d be late?” Professionalism. It also lets you know that communication is something this contractor is familiar with. Remember, the biggest part of the job and how well it goes relies on clear, open and honest communication.

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